Clouds are beautiful.
They are always morphing into the next shape,
Always moving to the next continent.
Reminding us to never stay stagnant. 
Clouds are my favorite. 

But the clouds shade the sun.
The translucent forms of water hide the energy we strive on,
The energy our planet needs to succeed, to grow.
Clouds can be gray & thick,
Hard to see through. 

Clouds can be magical as the sun is setting.
But they also can make us feel low,
Low energy. 
The clouds cover things up,
Covers the sun, 
Covers the horizon,
Covers all over Mother Gaia. 

Don’t cloud your light.
Don’t cloud the being that’s in your body. 

Weed, alcohol, food, drugs…
These are clouds. 
Just like the ones you see in the sky. 
These clouds can make you feel low,
Low energy too. 
They cloud your authentic being. 

It’s okay to have a cloudy day,
A day to dabble with the substances that create the clouds,
Create the low energy. 
But just remember,
Your clouding your sun within,
Your clouding your light.

Don’t cloud it forever.
Your worth the bright sunny days, 
Your worthy enough to shine,
Shine who you are to the world. 
Just like the sun. 

So remember…
Cloudy days are okay,
They need to happen from time to time. 
Clouds are always shifting,
Always moving. 

Be the clear blue sky, 
The clear headed being.
Cause it’s the bright light within that gets you through this lifetime. 

So keep shining it. 
Don’t cloud it. 
You are worth it. 

Love & Light


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