~ Hi Beautiful Souls ~

I am a graduate from Colorado State with a Bachelors in Art and a Business Management Minor – I am excited to continue my travels now that I have accomplished a degree!! It has been a long road to get this degree

but HERE I AM 🙂

A few things about me, I love snowboarding and swimming in the ocean. If you can’t tell, the sky is my favorite thing to get lost in – as are the stars. I am GF but it’s super hard since I am used with going with the flow!!

I’ve been out of the country once to Nicosia, Cyprus with Global Learning Semesters until this past January 2018 where I finish my business capstone in Ecuador. I like to study numerology & believe in the stars / horoscopes as that is where we came from. I have an obsession with tiny houses and hope to own one one day so I can live everywhere and anywhere!

Join me in all the adventures, inspire me to create beautiful intuitive art, help me with tips and tricks to traveling, follow me on this blog & website !

xx love & light

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