Riobamba was a place we stayed for one night until we headed for the Inca Parca. Effy told us thatRiobamba used to be the old capital of Ecuador -- like Philly is to the United States. Therefore this city was very known but not as popular anymore, We stayed in this hotel that was a … Continue reading Riobamba



So. I am an artist. I have been trying to get my name out there, start a YouTube page, website, Instagram, all the things you need to make money online. Well my good friend Lex came up with this PERFECT hashtag to be able to find my art easily and its soooOOOooooo creative I love … Continue reading #EHriginal


My birthday month is already over but with all the wonderful love from friends and family, I have been able to experiment with this art medium called resin. Now you'd think cause I live in Colorado its a different type of resin but you're wrong. This is a substance, a type of plastic, almost, that … Continue reading Explorations