Devil’s Nose

Devil’s Nose Train Ride — Jan 9th The next day, we headed to this attraction called the Devil’s Nose Train Ride. We had some classmates do this presentation before we left CSU and it seemed a little sketch at first. People died building it and according to the pictures, it looked pretty much off the … Continue reading Devil’s Nose



This has been a crazy month. School. Travel. Firsts. Death. Life. Art. The month of October is already over and I cannot believe it. It has come and gone. School has been kicking my butt with graduation around the corner. I have been enjoying my last year in my painting class. This piece is a … Continue reading October

The Next Journey

 School, Summer, Graduation, FREEEEEE It's the beginning of May, the final last snow fall happened this past weekend and I could not be more excited for summer and that Colorado sun. Graduation is so soon for May and two of my homies are walking. My friend Mel will be going to California with her boy … Continue reading The Next Journey