Aquarian Vibez

Birthday month for me WOOO! The start of this month feels so good!! I don’t know why but when you see 2/1/19 it just feels like a fresh start, a new beginning to yourself, your intentions, your goals, just feels MARVALOUS!

So I have still really been focused on myself and my awareness to my emotions, actions, energy, the journey won’t end but I am enjoying it & sharing it.

But recently I have dived into the rabbit hole of Gene Keys… For those of you who don’t know what this is… it is MAGIC!

Gene Keys was developed by Richard Rudd who has combined science of the DNA with frequencies of your aura and astrology, he ties EVERYTHING together into this system called Gene Keys! So you type in all your information and get a free chart of your keys… and it DOES look confusing but, don’t be alarmed. I can give a quick synopses 🙂

<<Click the image if you can’t read it>>

Each sphere has three descriptor words — Shadow (challenge), Gift (potential), Siddhi (divine essences) — for certain categories & each sphere has a line — which has to do with the Rave I’Ching.

Here is an example of my Life’s Work:

Now, when you look at your chart, it looks REALLY confusing but Richard Rudd wants you to take it slow and to learn each gene key very slowly. Because this system can LITERALLY teach you how to change your DNA…

Yes your DNA people!!!!

We all have these shadows or challenges that we have to over come this life time to grow and morph into our true, authentic self! So by REALLY looking at your shadow — how it makes you feel, why you do it, how you do it — really get to know your shadow.

So recently on this journey of my awareness, Rudd tells you to start here, at your Life’s Work… and man have I learned a lot about myself just from 1/11 spheres.

My shadow is — Reaction — so I’ve learned by diving into the rabbit hole of Gene Keys is that I react when my needs aren’t met… from attention needs, daily needs, physical needs, all of it. And it is funny to me cause I feel as if I already was looking at that when I have been talking about the joy in my life and what sparks it. I react when I think someone isn’t listening to me or understanding me, or what I am saying.

It is allowing me to take a step back and evaluate my emotions. On top of learning all of this — the Eckhart Tolle book has been correlating with a lot of it too!

I can go into more what I learned but I think you should check it out for yourself and see if your Life’s Work resonates with you. Click the ink up above to get your free Gene Keys profile!!

Besides all this learning about myself 2019 has brought me, the vibes have been high. I feel very supported with my App by the universe, I feel more confident. My Life’s Work is to help “rebirth” the world and change the consciousness & I believe this App I have been creating will help with that.

I am headed to Colorado for my birthday & man do I need a Mother Gaia Mountain recharge!!! The weather has been beautiful here in North Carolina, but I don’t see the sunsets or the beautiful sky as much. The mountains just give such a good focal point and more aware of the sky &

I miss that!!


& snowboarding!

I was born in the winter, so snow, cold, it doesn’t affect me like others do with their seasonal depression. I just see the beauty in all and that’s what makes me happy!!

I am hoping to snowboard when I am back in Colorado for my birthday since I actually did get a pass this year BUT have been in NC for almost the whole season.. LUCKILY I was told the mountains will be staying open all the way until Memorial Day Weekend — so that’s exciting! I’ll still be able to shred 🙂

Visiting Colorado is exactly what I needed

with fresh powder all around me!!

Ryan, my person, my lion, my partner, surprised me with a ton of gifts in our bedroom when I arrived, it was the cutest thing to see and it reminded me of when I was little & my mom would do the same. I felt like a princess 🙂

Not only was that a great surprise to walk into — I go to dinner with him, his mom & my friend Sarah and he whips something from under his shirt. I was astonished he managed to bring something in without me seeing it!! I open it up & it was a receipt for a hotel room for two nights at the bottom of the ski resort at……

Our driving situation…


I was SO excited!! I’d never been there & he tells me the forecast is just snow snow snow!!! It was so weird cause probably three weeks prior, I was sending him places to stay at Crested Butte — Ryan then tells me I send him the EXACT one he book early in the day….

We are supperrrr tuned together!

So I had to unpack to repack so we could drive to southern Colorado early that morning to miss the snow storm and to get riding in for three days!! It was a birthday/valentine’s day extravaganza!! The BEST!!

We cuddled, we shredded hard, we ate room service in bed, we ended up soaking in a hot tub with way too much chlorine in it (HA! always a memory now), we went in the trees, we laughed, we have the greatest time together. I am so thankful for him & felt so loved by him with all these surprises ❤

After that amazing little get away, we headed back to Lyons, CO where we just basically slept for two days straight to recharge from riding and just soak up each others energy since we’d been apart so long.

I was able to move some of my clothes in from my old house, to finally feel like this is my space, my home. He just purchased the house from his mom and us three will be paying the mortgage together. It was a big decision but I think it’ll work in ALL of our favors in the long run.

Then I had to leave from CO already that Tuesday. I flew back and it LITERALLY rained for 5 days straight. I am not sure if it was the rain, the waning moon, or leaving my person that just made me low energy, sad, and in a funk. Could be a combination of all three!!

My aunt and I just laid around that whole weekend, I ACTUALLY had some plans that I ended up forgetting cause we just lounged. I guess nothing wrong with that either since I did just shred hard the weekend before. Still I had a lot on my mind, app stuff, website stuff, blog, all the above.

I am staying focused still and am learning that everyone has their own flow of energy in their life and maybe that was just a low energy time. I have been trying to track it to see if maybe I do follow the moon phases. Hmm….

The sun is finally shinning this last day of February and I couldn’t be more happy. It also is THURSDAY TODAY so I was able to do my Spirit Animal reading!! That ALWAYS puts me in a good mood. March has a lot of fun planned as well to look forward too but the count down is DEFINITELY on for when I head back to Colorado. I just miss my man.

Go check out Gene Keys!

Go look at my VLOGs!

Keep track of your energy cycles — I am sure you have a flow & pattern that you can use to your advantage!!

Happy February

Love & Light



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