2019 New Energy

Wow. This year I feel it.

I feel the shift that every astrology and numerologist have been talking about. I feel my power more, I feel at ease in distraught situations, I feel grounded in myself, I feel CONFIDENT!

My word for 2019 is:


And being about 13 days in, I feel as if my other word I need to keep close is…


I have been owning my thoughts, forgiving my thoughts and judgments on myself. I just have stepped into my power, I just feel excited about life!! I thought I would use this blog as a reflection of every month this year. To see if these words, these feelings are still blossoming inside of me.

And if they aren’t… Than I should re-read this in a couple months to get back on track!! My friend has started a blog & his is more about him and reflection and I really enjoy reading his. He inspired me to make this not only about travel and experiences to new places, but how I am traveling within myself as well!! Click here to check his out 🙂

With it being a 4 universal month (2+0+1+9= 12 +1 (Jan.)= 13= 4) this year and Capricorn season (until my FAVORITE season starts soon, hehe, Aquarius).. I have been working on an App, been reading a lot, focusing and envisioning!!! I believe this is a great way to help people unlock their own confidence & to help people step into their authentic selves!!

…..To be continued with that…….

Stay tuned 😉

I also have been really enjoying this book: A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle this new year & have been following with Soul Sunday with Oprah Winfrey podcast. It has taught me A LOT being only in the first two chapters… A lot about what your thoughts are & how to control them. Now, every time I think of a memory or have a thought that has a negative notation about myself or a situation I repeat…

I forgive myself… for judging myself….

For whatever that may be!! I have old thoughts of getting black out drunk at CCU and sleeping with whoever, well I just forgive myself, for judging myself for that… Or over eating and not feeling good… there are lots of situations sooo, I repeat it over and over in my head saying it 10 different ways until I feel the thought slowly dismiss & float away…. I have learned this is the ULTIMATE WAY of letting go.

LOL me drunk at spring break…

Acknowledge the thought, don’t beat yourself up for the experience, FORGIVE, & let goooOoo!!

It’s exciting, it’s uplifting, it’s a new power I feel inside just from working with my thoughts. CRAZZYYY!! Easy but not!! So that’s where I am so far this January. Lets see how the end of the month ends up 🙂

Being the last day of January 2019 and rereading this ^^ wow can our human experience really can go up and down, day to day… You know I still feel truly inspired by reading that above but man does your thoughts, emotions, energy get in the way of all of that.

I definitely have not been riding that vibe ALL month but I can feel the energy seeping in as we head into February!

I keep thinking about this app and how it might seem IMPOSSIBLE and thinking if maybe my idea ISN’T good enough… & I am not gonna find a good programmer…


That is what I say when thoughts like that come into my head because I should be envisioning the positives, the money flowing, the outcome fabulous, helping people across the globe!!! Sometimes it is hard to stay focus and to be driven with those types of thoughts & I am not saying I am perfect with them AT ALL either. But I think this is just a reminder for myself as well to stay positive and focused and that the universe DOES have a grand ole’ plan for me .. and for you!


I took an unexpected adventure with my soul sistaaa across country to surprise my man last week!! She called me on a Monday and we left Friday to head to back to Colorado before she makes her way to HAWAII!! She’s been talking about moving there for awhile now & I am SOOOO excited for her and that she’s making it happen!

She is a prime example to take that leap of faith (even if it is scary) and go where your heart is calling you, do it for YOU and no one else. I look up to her for that ❤ CHASE YOUR DREAMS EVERYONE!!

Ryan was SO surprised and I was able to be with him for that INTENSE Leo eclipse to kick off Aquarius season!! (So he’s a Leo & I am an Aquarius so this moon was SUPER intense and almost brought us together as I said, the road trip was spontaneous…) That eclipse was so beautiful, magical & eerie btw!

Spirit wanted Sarah and I to be back in Colorado for it.

Our car ride wasn’t too, too exciting. We dodged this rain/snow storm that was moving across the midwest and got something free in almost every state we visited… Like I said, the stars were on our side FOR SURE!

Now I am back in North Carolina still on this journey about what energy is mine and whats not, living with a household with lots of different energy flying around — Uncle’s low energy, kid energy, mom energy, puppy energy, it can be a bit much! I have recently seen the Tidying Up show & LOVE how Maria Kondo talks about sparking joy… and ever since I saw that, I started thinking about that concept… not just with clothes but with EVERYTHING!

So I have been looking at my day-to-day life here in NC to really see if I spark joy for myself EVERY DAY!… And I think I really do. Although it is not exactly where I want to be (I want to be with my Leo Lion Ry), it is where I am meant to be, learning about myself and my own energy while helping my family!

On top of that… I got these spirit animals cards for Christmas & have been LOVING them and the little messages they give me. I started posting them on my story & having people pick a card for themselves. It has been SO fun! I love seeing what people picked, I love hearing the feed back from my friends, I just love helping people and showing people that there ARE signs, messages, guidance everywhere if you just look….


On my Instagram stories, every Thursday for — TUNE IN THURSDAY’S — to get your own little reading, to guide you through that week, the weekend, or even just that day!! It is super fun, super simple, & super light! I’d love for you to check it out 🙂

It really gives me joy!!!

So I want to know what gives you joy if you’re reading this as well… Leave a comment below or feel free to email me and reach out. It is something us humans forget to think about. We are always thinking about the future, our to-do lists, taking care of others, that we loose our own happiness. This exercise for me has really opened me up to being more present & checking in with myself/emotions that day.

If we do something for ourselves EVERY DAY then we are less stress, more focused on our goals & makes it easier to manifest. And the days we DON’T feel like doing it… are the days we most definitely SHOULD! Remember that. This is also a really good tool to just shift yucky, unwanted, maybe not your own, energy!!! Here a list of things I like to do once a day to get me feeling centered, joyful, myself:

  • Walk the dogs
  • Go to yoga
  • Take a salt bath
  • Sit in the sauna
  • Learning something new
  • Read
  • Dance to music / listen to music LOUD
  • Be in nature
  • Pull Animal Spirit Cards for myself or others
  • Get a pedicure
  • Painting
  • Traveling somewhere new

Think about it, reflect it & then DO IT!!

It is almost a new month, which means new energy & new adventures. I am still reading Eckhart Tolle and loving it. I am still reading my app book & working on that a little bit here and there. (Side note // I haven’t finished a book in a LONG time due to being in school so these are quite exciting for me:)) I am finding joy everyday. I am still in NC. I think the first month of 2019 has been pretty great for me.

Let’s see where this life journey takes me next month.

Love & Light to all of you.



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