Celebrate YOU



My ma always taught me to celebrate a birthday week and if you can drag it out to the whole month, that’s even better!! Well I got some early birthday presents from a dear friend, the watch & necklace. She couldn’t of pegged me any better with these!!

Your birthday should be about YOU! Celebrating the first breath you came into this world, no longer a spirit floating in space watching down on Earth. Your birthday is a pretty big deal!! Now in the physical world the older you get the wiser you become.  People need to remind themselves! Yes it is a number and an age but instead of focusing on that, focus on how you can make a better you & achieve goals this year. You came into the world on this specific day for a reason. I always thought numerology and zodiacs were interesting how they describe you so well… Well, this is because you didn’t come to Earth on that day on accident.

YOU have a purpose. 

I know this & what I am doing this fabulous 23rd year of  my life is to focus on what is my purpose. I know travel is it until I have a family but I need to figure the cash flow!

This all hit me when I’m in my work out class this morning and we sang happy birthday to one of the ladies, today was her birthday turning 56 & in great shape!! I told her it was my birthday tomorrow and of course the instructor, Nancy, said well we need to sing for Erika too! I started blushing while they sung to me and I giggled a bit as well. After the fact, I was driving home and thinking, why do we get embarrassed or “hate” when people sing happy birthday to us? It something we should take in & enjoy! Not be embarrassed, be happy!! By them singing they are celebrating YOU! I thought it was silly but so true cause in past years I totally felt embarrassed. Ha oh I am getting wiser!

Enjoy your day & ALWAYS enjoy your birthdays!


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