Valentine’s Day


Oh Valentine’s Day.. The day that people despise because they do not have a significant other to “celebrate” with. Well these past couple posts I have written have been to focus on yourself & that shouldn’t stop on Valentine’s Day. It is a day about love and showing appreciation well, do that for yourself! Go get your nails done, a pedicure, go out to a nice dinner with friends OR cook yourself your favorite dinner. Just treat yourself!

Today I made myself pink hearted gluten free pancakes with heart shaped strawberries, syrup & coffee… It was delicious. I knew there was a yoga class at 10:30AM and I got a new mat on my birthday that I am in love with so I quickly got ready and went! This teacher is very delightful and really good at helping you with your breathe and loving yourself. I was feeling good. She had kisses for the class and as I walked out the YMCA handed us red carnations which I made into my own art! A flower petal heart, flower and a “He loves me, He loves me not” picture. So although I am a lone today, I have been doing things for me.


Everyone enjoy this day of love and remember to love yourself! …Even if you have a special someone in your life.


One thought on “Valentine’s Day

  1. lynhicks says:

    Perfect advice and well needed for all us ladies! We do get our power by giving to ourselves first!! I sense you got that quite beautifully that day! I imagine your magnetism is through the roof! Look out boys!! Sacred femininity!! Oolala!

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