The Beginning

Lets see, where to start…

I am a fifth year college student that started her own business due to getting suspended from school.

This may not be the best first impression but as Marilyn Monroe once said,

“Well-behaved women rarely make history.”

It is crazy how one terrible, negative thing in your life can actually show you a path you never thought about aka my business. I am the founder and owner

of Keepin It Cooler Customized Coolers. This all started the year I was suspended. I loved to paint and be crafty but never saw a career out of it. Then this idea popped into my life and I know one day I’ll make millions. My business is to customize your average boring cooler that you take to tailgates or kid’s soccer games or even just your lunch cooler. It allows the customer to be a creative director. Once the design is laid out, I paint… But of course there are more steps then that but I’d be giving away all my secrets. This endeavor is only the beginning of whats to come.

Any who, I love to travel & want to do more of it. I defiantly have the disorder of wanderlust. I went out of the country for the first time in Summer 2013. I took two classes at the University of Nicosia in the Greek island, Cyrpus. I was able to travel to Crete & Rome in my free time. Italy was beautiful, I want to go back there to see the ancient streets and to tour the unique waterways of Venice.

This trip really changed my life and made me want to see the whole world. I love learning & experiencing new cultures. It really opens your mind to not just think one way which I believe is very important in life.

But I defiantly think I have a lot to offer this crazy world & I can not wait to make it my playground one day.

Join me in finding myself, my business adventures & the amazes places I will go.

Btw- I am not the average college student you meet.


Click here to check out my business website!

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