Live Happy

Live Happy

Today was my second day of classes. I’m an art major with little confidence.

I have a painting class that I am relatively nervous for which is funny because my business is all about painting. Then I have a sculpture class that I am excited for, get to be very creative with it. I also have an entrepreneurship class that I am ecstatic to be taking and hopefully can really learn a lot for Keepin It Cooler Customized Coolers. I have had the teacher before and he was a little boring but you can just tell how much passion he has for teaching. I have an art history class this semester as well which is at 8AM… But after studying abroad last summer & seeing Rome, I’ll take this class a lot more seriously. Lastly, I have a creative writing class that hopefully I can post somethings on here. I’ve always loved creative writing when I was younger so hopefully I still have it in me! This semester seems like it is going to be a fun one which I am relieved cause last semester was draining!!!

But what I kept thinking when I was sitting in all my classes today, not just the art ones, I really love what I am doing & the classes I am taking… Even if I am terrified of some.

So just remember to always love what you do.


One thought on “Live Happy

  1. lynhicks says:

    Love it! It takes courage to expand into areas you don’t know yet it is your passion and it is lovely to hear all the emotions you have as you venture in it!

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