Devil’s Nose

Devil’s Nose Train Ride — Jan 9th

The next day, we headed to this attraction called the Devil’s Nose Train Ride. We had some classmates do this presentation before we left CSU and it seemed a little sketch at first. People died building it and according to the pictures, it looked pretty much off the edge of the mountain cliffs. So going into this experience I was a bit hesitant.



We get on the train and we are the first 17 seats on the train so the conductor was in front of us. Super cool. The train started moving and it was a slow start, passing a river on our left and green foliage everywhere. As went higher up, the views got better and better. The mountain sides were bright green with plants growing everywhere on them — nothing like the Rocky Mountains we see in Colorado. It was lush with different hues and variations — yellow green, bright green, mint green, hardly any desert yellow or browns! You could see the bottom of the valley with the same river we saw at the beginning. The scenery and views were breath taking and we were on this cool old train!!!



As we headed to the top, our destination was back at the bottom but the way this train was built is that is falls down like a leaf. The tracks aren’t that steep so as the weight of the train takes you down, and then you switch to another set of tracks to go further. It was really cool and quite peaceful. Also, at an environmental point of view, it was a great way to get down the mountain side without fossil fuels.




Once we got to the bottom, the guide in our train car told us what the Devil’s Nose was according to where we were standing at the bottom. I had to talk to Chelan and Helmi to understand it a bit better because I saw it differently. Apparently, we were on the eyes / forehead of the Devil and this tall mountain in front of us was the nose. BUT the nose itself almost had a face resemblance that I thought the whole “nose” was the Devil’s face and the top of the mountain was the nose. Either way — I saw the Devil’s Nose at the bottom ha!


It was really cool once we got to the bottom because we were able to learn why it is was called the Devil’s nose and see the indigenous people dance!! When we first arrived they danced for us and we got a picture with them. We then were allowed to explore and that is where I learned about the Devil’s nose name. There were tons of stories about what it was named the Devil’s nose.


One story was called The Ghost Train. It started with, a long time ago, at midnight a mysterious train was heard descending the Devil’s Nose. From then on it goes on saying how you could hear and feel that mysterious train. And one night a man came out to look at what was going on and he saw the Devil standing at the top of the mountain waiting to board the train — which could of been thunder that they heard? Just kind of spoken stuff honestly. Another tale of Devil’s nose was called The Railroad’s Goats. This one is a bit spooky too. It talks about the how the last train to Devil’s Nose was blocked by a number of goats. When the man in the train chases the goats off the track, they tale says that the goats turn into little devils ready to take all their souls if they passed that point. So they didn’t and prayed loudly.


There were so many more you could of read. It was just something about that mountain top that was spooky to the indigenous people who lived there.


To top off the afternoon, we were able to watch the indigenous people dance again, like four more dances — I don’t know how they had the stamina. But they had cool costumes and great moves. As I have said before, we had the best tour guide, so when they asked for people to dance a lot of my class mates got picked to dance. But the cool part was after a minute, Effy got us all on the dance floor dancing. We were doing the dough-cee-dough, Congo lines and then at the end all grabbed hands and kind of did ring around the rosy to the music. By that time EVERYONE has chimed in that was in the crowd. It was a blast. Tonja got the end of it and she told us that the students didn’t do that last year so SUPER COOL!! Thanks Effy 🙂



After all that fun, we were hungry and tired!! We were able to sit and ride the train back. BUT I don’t know if you recall… we were at the front going down that now we are the CABOOS heading back. So we could see so much with the back door just being clear and wide open to the see the horizon. I just wanted to stand by the door the whole time but I got told to not hog it the whole time so I sat down. It was amazing and made the ride back to town more enjoyable.


It was a great time and I learned and experienced hands on new culture. This was definitely top 3 things I have done on this trip thus far. I am still so excited to see the rest of the program and how it turns out.



  • The views — I have never been this high up in elevation, to be around these clouds and to see these views is break taking overtime
  • Dancing with the locals — something that will stick in my head forever, literally couldn’t stop smiling the entire time it was happening — so fun!!
  • Learning myths — to hear what people saw and made up was super interesting


  • Our Advisor, Natalie, was sick the entire time of this train ride — luckily it was only a 24 hour thing


  • Not being able to stand at the door the whole time — it wasn’t that bad but wouldn’t been awesome to stay their the whole time



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