Ingapirca Ruins and Cuenca

Ingapirca Ruins and Cuenca — Jan 10th The drive from Devil’s nose to Ingapirca was incredible. Again you felt as if you were in the sky at the same level as the clouds — they were touchable it felt. I was planning on napping during this car ride but I couldn’t help but be looking … Continue reading Ingapirca Ruins and Cuenca

Pujili Market & Pinturas de Tigua

Pujili Market & Pinturas de Tigua — Jan 7th Headed to the market in the morning, we were able to dive into the culture a little more than Ottovalo. Effy told us that there would not be many tourist here as it is more for the locals to get their goods. We arrived and there … Continue reading Pujili Market & Pinturas de Tigua


This has been a crazy month. School. Travel. Firsts. Death. Life. Art. The month of October is already over and I cannot believe it. It has come and gone. School has been kicking my butt with graduation around the corner. I have been enjoying my last year in my painting class. This piece is a … Continue reading October


So. I am an artist. I have been trying to get my name out there, start a YouTube page, website, Instagram, all the things you need to make money online. Well my good friend Lex came up with this PERFECT hashtag to be able to find my art easily and its soooOOOooooo creative I love … Continue reading #EHriginal

The Next Journey

 School, Summer, Graduation, FREEEEEE It's the beginning of May, the final last snow fall happened this past weekend and I could not be more excited for summer and that Colorado sun. Graduation is so soon for May and two of my homies are walking. My friend Mel will be going to California with her boy … Continue reading The Next Journey