My birthday month is already over but with all the wonderful love from friends and family, I have been able to experiment with this art medium called resin. Now you'd think cause I live in Colorado its a different type of resin but you're wrong. This is a substance, a type of plastic, almost, that … Continue reading Explorations

Less Than A Week

FORT COLLINS, CO Less than a week away and my mind has been going in every certain direction possible. From paying for school, to is my car going to make the drive, am I going to make friends, from leaving Durham behind and missing my family & newly friends I made, to I am 23 … Continue reading Less Than A Week


Peacocks Eyes on me as I strut around these acres. Feathers fanned out, shimmering like silk. I am so beautiful with layers of feathers, Luscious green, scale like blue, passionate purple. Eyes on me as I hypnotized with my magnificence, Draw you towards the sea like colors glistening in the sun. Looking soft as a … Continue reading Poems