1 Year Later

Wow. It has been too long. I have this habit of sticking with one thing for a solid couple months and then I just give up on it. This is a habit not just with blogging but with eating healthy, going to the gym, creating art. But this New Year I am sticking to my … Continue reading 1 Year Later

The Beginning

Here I am, I made it & I am making it. I am coming into my third week being here in Fort Collins, CO and I can not believe how awesome Colorado is. There is so much to do, so much beautiful scenery & so much snow!!! These are all fabulous things but moving to a … Continue reading The Beginning


It is funny to me that people not from this area can't say Durham the right way. I tell people from my home town or friends at college that I'm loving Durham and they say it all different ways... Dur-ham (Like it is two words OR Dur-hem   I've been here about six months and I … Continue reading Durham