Writing lately has been my outlet to expressing my feelings, my experiences, how I digest life. I’ll be sharing them on my blog for the world to see! I am excited yet anxious to see what people think. But as this new year stared & this New Moon // Partial Solar Eclipse is about… Making your own rules to live your authentic self, to build the life you want.

So here I am.

This one was inspired as I was in France with some girlfriends. It was something I realized within and without, how I was feeling, and what I observed. Let me know how it makes you feel, or what you think!!

Travel the world. 
Travel your country. 
Travel within. 
It’s all unknown until you explore it,
Experience it. 

We’re all connected,
Somehow, someway. 
We all look up at the same sun, 
We all look up at the same stars. 

We’re connected but,
You can’t feel it unless you travel. 
Follow that calling,
The calling to find who you are
Or the place you’ve always wanted to see. 

What’s stopping you from traveling?

It can be just being still,
Traveling with in yourself,
Traveling the different realms. 

It can be getting on a plane,
Traveling to another country,
To experience the world. 

It can be getting in a car,
Traveling to the other side of the state,
To get the solitude for yourself. 

We’re all here for the same reason. 
To learn from each other,
To help each other,
To teach each other. 

If we understand that,
If we accept that,
Life won’t be so hard. 
You’ll be able to travel to all different places. 

I want you to understand,
To feel it like me
To have the travel bug,
To travel here, 
To travel there,
& to travel deep inside your soul. 

Now pause,
Listen to what exactly is calling you. 

If you can’t travel,
If you don’t understand me, 
How do you know who you really are. 
If you don’t do any traveling,
You’re told who you are. 

Physically traveling somewhere can get you there,
To start to open you up..

Sitting still,
In the quiet,
By yourself,
You’ll start to hear something,
You’ll start to notice only your energy,
& no one else’s. 
They’ll be this sensation of feeling connected,
A connection to the light,
The connection to God,
The connection to everyone.  
You’ll start to understand. 
It’s beautiful. 

Never stop the curiosity. 
Find out who you are.  
Always listen to the calling,
The calling to travel, 
To feel the connection,
That we’re all one. 

Go travel to feel it. 
Travel to understand it. 
Cause if you don’t feel it,
Not within, not without,
It’s time for you to travel. 
To experience the connection. 
It’s worth your time, 
It’s worth your energy. 

Go travel.
Go see the world,
The world with in,
The world around. 
We’re all connected. 
Go feel it.  

I dare you to travel. 


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