New Mexico, The End

After my great adventures in AZ and the last National Park on my trip, I was headed to New Mexico to meet up with some friends to end the trip at the International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta!!


My good friend Mollie & Jen where flying from PA to Albuquerque for the Hot Air Balloon Fiesta. I got there a bit early as I was driving. I met Mollie’s aunt, Karen, for dinner and it was delicious, I had only been eating PB&J and soup! My friends landed late, 12 AM on Friday morning so I just relaxed in an actual bed at Karen’s house before we headed to the airport.


The next day we were able to go to MEOW WOLF, which is a big art installation in Santa Fe. It is crazy cool!! Ever since I was in school at CSU, allll the art students talked about this place.


You walk in and it is an old bowling alley, pay your $25, and then walk threw another door to this house!! Yes, a house in the bowling alley!! Then you just keep walking around finding secret doors. Each door transports you to another place.


Like, you’re in a big fish bowl or you walk through a fridge and end up in a portal. It was all out there and crazy. So many spots to hang and sit and observe. There were no windows so we spent about 3 hours in it!! But the cool part was every inch of the building was covered!! They did not mess around.

I am totally going to go back and experience it again. They also have a story line about it all that you can find the clues and unlock the mystery. AND lastly, they have artist come through and play IN IT!! That would be a goal, head to Meow Wolf for a concert, it’d be so fun.

That was our Friday, we hung out in the town and window shopped and headed home to go to sleep because we had to be up & out the door by 4:15AM!!! The balloon take off was happening at 7AM and we had to leave that early to basically… sit in traffic…



So this is Saturday, and we got there around 6:30am after the traffic. Just in time to get a good spot for the take off!! We started walking onto the field and the balloons where starting to see them blow up left and right. We even were standing by a balloon  that all of sudden was blowing up & took us over!! It was sooo fun!!

We just stood around and cheered every time a balloon went up. There were things like penguin shapes, wolves, boot shape, a Picasso one, rainbow colors, a Colorado themed one, and once from Germany! There was not one the same, and they all just started going up!!

It was so magical, you turned around and more and more were starting to take off.


Also, Jen is a photographer and she took the BEST pictures at the fiesta. I am sure you can tell which ones her nice camera took and which ones my shiiiiity iPhone took. ANYWAY, take a look at her website & see if you’d like her services!!

—>  <—

This was just the beginning of our Saturday!! We went back to Mollie’s Aunt’s house, Marci & Karen, ate breakfast and took a nap for about 2 hours. Then we headed to the wineries in NM and enjoyed the beautiful weather. We met up with some friends and enjoyed the sunsetting tasting delicious wine!


It was our first trip as friends, as girlfriends, seeing new places!! It was so much fun, I love them so much ❤


As the weekend came to an end, Marci & Karen invited me back with Ryan if we were in town, it was time to put this trip as the end. I drove 8 hours back to Colorado, back to Lyons, CO and man it was a bit emotional.

I completed something that I had been planning for a year and a half. I completed something on my own. I completed something and saw all these rad, magical places.

This whole journey was the end of a chapter and I could feel. I was feeling very emotional going home, as I had some emotional moments in the whole trip, but this was different. It was a realization of how I can feel energy around, it was a realization that I completed something huge like this and followed through, it was the feeling of cross over the border into Colorado being SO happy to be back home.

Every time I leave Colorado and come back, land in Denver or drive back into the state, I get an overwhelming feeling of HOME. I feel grounded there, I just know it is where I am meant to be, its home.

I got back to Lyons, CO around 5:30pm and as I am driving through the canyon and up the drive way, there were TWO LITTLE CUBS eating the apples at the bottom. They were the cutest!!img_2881.jpg

It felt good to not be driving, to be in a real bed & not freezing at night, it felt SO good to finally be back with my partner and not alone. I learned a lot about myself AND I “painted my way to travel” just as the title of this post is!! I accomplished so much, all for me, no one else and man, it felt GREAT!!

~ Keep dreaming ~ Keep doing ~ Keep looking up ~

love & light



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