Arizona Vortexes

After the airport I stayed at a campsite right on Lake Mead and the Hoover Dam. It was dark by the time I got there & said bye to Ryan. Pulling up, I was able to get spot #22 (#4, work! OR a master number focusing on partnership) Well that is everything I was feeling after being alone in my tent.


I woke up the next day to head to the Grand Canyon but took it slow in the morning. I laid in my tent as it lightly drizzled, looking at all the pictures of the journey Ryan & I had. I definitely was a bit lower and slower that day missing him. BUT I knew that this feeling would pass as I wanted to complete this trip on a high note.


Driving away, I couldn’t believe the beautiful view and area I was staying in. Lake Mead had beautiful Nevada colors in the soil and the lake was huge with rock islands in the middle of it. I would love to check out the area more on another road trip.


Sitting in the car, driving alone, listening to my favorite artist, ODESZA, I still felt low and sad but the views around me were interesting and lifting me up. ODESZA gives me chills and good vibrations that I did start to get excited to my next destination.


I have only been to the Grand Canyon once in my life when I was 6-years-old. My family and another family took a road trip from PA to the Grand Canyon for the 4th of July. We stayed at the North Rim and then headed to Zion & Bryce Canyon. This trip alone, I stayed at the South Rim this time as it was closer for the rest of my journey.


The next day I walked the about 6 mile of the South Rim, it was about 9.7 miles. It was a beautiful walk along the canyon hearing all different languages from around the world. Selfies sticks with families and young kids with huge smiles on their faces. I started east and walked west until about 5pm.


Thank goodness for the strangers I met to take my picture for me!!


It was really nice cause there was a bus that took you from the little town outside the park, which where I was staying, and at different stops alone the rim. Next time I go, I would love to stay for sunset cause it looked incredible but I didn’t want to adventure back to my campsite after dark alone. People even were raving about the sunrise, that would be a site to see too.

Because I was hiking all day, not much art happened. I was a day ahead of my trip since Ryan left Saturday instead of Sunday so I decided to stay one more night in my spot and spend some time with the canyon and my pastels. I went to the most east point, Yaki Point, and then Hopi Point on the west side.


I made the mistake on taking the busses this day cause the two points were a ways away and it was about and hour bus ride to each where it could of been at 15 minute car ride. Since my tent was all packed up, I didn’t really think about driving up there. So my art happened but I felt as if I was on the bus more than I was actually spending time with the Grand Canyon.


I wrote this poem in the morning as I had a great moment at Yaki Point with the canyon:


Layers of rocks,
Layers of life. 
Layers undiscovered.
As bad weather, life experiences,
Chisel these temples away,
We still see beauty.
Beauty after the storm,
Beauty underneath it all.
It’s evolving, changing.
Through it’s process,
A million year old process.
We’re able to witness how bad storms,
Life’s journeys,
Can make for a great outcome.
An outcome that’s still evolving.
Just like you & me.
What a beautiful site to see.
The Grand Canyon. 


Each place I went to seemed to have a story, something to tell me, something to help me grow more into my authentic self and that has been my favorite part on this whole trip.

Leaving the Grand Canyon later then I wanted due to misjudgment of the busses, I decided to stay at a KOA in Flagstaff, AZ rather then somewhere closer to Sedona. Which looking back I very glad cause the campsites were in the forest with no service & I was happy to chat with my love for awhile after two days without him.

I woke up early the next day to spend the whole day in Sedona!! I only had been there once with an ex of mine so it was nice to be alone and to soak in the vortex energy.

My roommate came back a few months ago with these STELLAR candles with craved designs on them that I had to find them. So I walked around and found the coolest ones to get as gifts for families and friends.

The second store I went into was this rock/crystal store with body spray and it was a really fun. After buying those candles I saw one of the employees dancing a bit and felt like the vibe was great. Of course the playlist was songs I loved too. So the one women came up to me asking if I needed help and I said no, but it smells fabulous! So she showed me these body mists and got to chatting.


She asked me where I was from and I said CO… she started freaking out cause she has been trying to move to Colorado to start a new chapter in her life. I said I just graduated from CSU last December and she was freaking out EVEN MORE. Here she felt as if I was a sign in her life to take that step. She has been trying to get accepted for the Spring semester to get her masters at CSU in music therapy. FREAKY!

I had never been a sign for someone so I was getting chills as we were talking. Then it hit me…. I needed someone to sublease the rest of my house from January to May…. So i through it out there…. She was like what yes how much, so we exchanged emails and information and we’ll see if the universe is BOTH our favors.

Sedona. A Vortex.

I talked later that night with one of my good friends as I was driving half way to Albuquerque. She told me that Sedona was not really a place to stay or live but the Native Indians thought it was more a place for ritual and letting things go. And man that happened for me.


I stayed at KOA about 3 hours from Sedona, half way to Albuquerque. As I am talking to Ryan on the phone, watching the very tiny sliver moon disappear right after the sun along the horizon…. It hit me.. This was my LAST night in my tent. My LAST night alone, my LAST night of my journey. It was bittersweet.

I wanted to be home with my love, I wanted to complete this but at the same time it didn’t feel like I was on the road for 3 weeks and now headed back to my life. I loved traveling, I loved being on the road, I LOVE experience new things, I LOVE change, I thrive in it.

I learned more about myself, how I can create negativity with my mental psychosis and create things that aren’t whats reality. LIKE .. thinking the Grand Canyon NP was going to close and I was gonna be left there HA!!! It is something to be aware of and when I feel like that, I just call on the Light to support me and to get me through it.


Like I said, it was a bittersweet realization for this trip to be over but I feel as if a lot of chapters have closed for new ones to begin!

Also, my last spot OF COURSE was 13… My angle number being 31, I look at 13 the same!! 

ANYWAY, the trip isn’t COMPLETELY over yet… so before ending my trip at the International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque, I stopped at the Petrified Forest National Park and it was WAY cooler then I even thought. They called it the Painted Desert because of the lines of sediment in the hills from gray to blue to reds, it was BEAUTIFUL!

I drove 27 miles threw the park and was able to see HUGE stumps of petrified wood. They said it was 180,000,000 years old as I was looking at these crystalized stumps, it hit me.

I learned at the Redwoods that they used to cover the whole world before the ice age. So in my intuitive opinion, I believe that this forest is the Redwoods petrified. In that case, I bought a necklace and it is my 180 million year old Redwood and I love it!!


Being on a time crunch to be in Albuquerque by 5:30pm to meet my friend’s Aunt for dinner, I wish I could of hiked around more but time for the next adventure!!

Arizona was great to me, I learned a lot, let go a lot and manifested some great things. Now time to meet my friends in Albuquerque for a bucket list event!!!

AAAHHH Can’t wait!


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