Desert Sunsets


After Ryan & I had our energy recalibrate in the forest, we made it to LA and were able to connect to Mother Ocean before headed to Joshua Tree National Forest. The ocean was very cleansing just to feel it felt really nice. As the city life of LA was A LOT after the 6 days being lost in the forest, the ocean was very home feeling.

Learning a lot about campsites, reservations, we were still just winging it all & had been working out for us…. Until J Tree. Of course, since it is the desert, the peak season is October to March & as drove through the NP, allll campsites were full.

We drove threw a couple and there were super cool!!! Joshua trees going for MILES, looking like beings frozen in time and piles of rocks just hanging out everywhere — looking like aliens just dropped them there. It was a different, weird, funkier vibe then what we were in before. Almost like “Where the Wild Things Are” type feel. We were definitely in the trees territory now!!

Driving threw, getting a bit sad cause I wanted to see the stars in J Tree, I kept saying, “Come on universe, don’t you want us to see the stars? Aren’t we meant to stay here?” Just trusting, trusting, trusting, we ended up at the south side of the park right at sunset and we were able to get service to look up where to camp & long and behold…..

There was BML 2mins from that entrance!!! Free camping with the sunsetting and the night sky for us to watch. UGH I WAS SO GRATEFUL!!! It was a lesson in trusting and a lesson in we were meant to go where we meant to go. I was so, so happy that there was camping for us, just right outside the park!!! We set up camp, made some mac & cheese with chicken, watched the beautiful sunset and the stars slowing pop up. The sky looked rainbow in the east — oh rainbows!!

It was our last night together as we were headed to Las Vegas Airport the next day for Ryan to head back to CO. Our last night couldn’t of worked out more perfectly then it did. Still so grateful for our whole adventure.


We watched the stars and took the rain cover off my tent to look at them as we fell asleep. We could see Mars, Jupiter & Saturn in the sky. It was a magical ending to the magical trip we had.


Waking up with the sun around 6:45am, it started to get HOT. We cooked our last batch of eggs and got on the road to Vegas. Stopping at the 7 Magic Mountains — which I have been dying to experience.


An art installation in the desert outside of Vegas of neon rainbow rocks standing on top of each other. 7 pillars in the desolate surrounding. Their was a festival going on right down the road so there was LOTS of people. The experience was a bit different with the crowds around but it also made me happy to see that people come to see this stuff & come to get some rainbow in their life!!

Next stop, the airport, to say bye to my lion. And OF COURSE , the spot we pull into in the short term parking was spot #31… we were on the right path, time to say goodbye.


It was sad and emotional but I was very grateful for the experiences we shared, the beginning of our life together forever!! It was exciting & exhilarating and I can not wait for the next challenge / adventure we have together!!


I think my favorite picture of us from the whole trip ❤

Back on my own for the last 10 days of my trip. It is what I wanted to experience but man having a partner in crime, to talk to, to reflect with was quite nice.

Grand Canyon, Sedona & Albuquerque Hot Air Balloon Festival on my last leg. It is all coming to an end slowly. I still can’t believe I managed to make this all work out for a three week trip with no rent, barely any bills, just travel & art.

What a magical, grateful life I live!!

Thanks again for all the support that I have gotten to make this trip happen!! I can not WAIT to get in my studio, to create for the people for donated.


Love & Light


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