Forest Magic


After traveling by myself to these incredible National Parks, I headed to Eugene, OR after Bend, to pick up a very special light in my life. His name is Ryan and he is my spiritual guide, my partner, my teacher, my love. We found each other recently and he has only been a positive influence to my life in all aspects — mind, body & soul!


I was lucky enough to have him with me for a WHOLE WEEK on this journey of mine & mannnn we learned a lot about each other. After picking him up at the airport we stayed in this magical KOA campground in the Redwoods. It was lightly raining when we woke up but after showering the sun rose and little moths were flittering around — like happy fairies coming out after the storm. It was so magnificent!!



Oh the west coast drive, so beautiful!

We headed to Trees of Mystery, which I was a bit skeptical about cause of how “touristy” it “looked” in the Redwoods but the lady at the counter at our campsite said we had to go — and she was right!! It was a great little walk through with a tram to the top to see the ocean with the Redwoods. We learned a lot on the hike like, the Redwoods used to cover the entire WORLD before the ice age.

We saw trees that were 300 ft tall and even 30 ft wide!!! I got to crawl under one & Ryan even fit too. The dewy, mist of moss everywhere and the damp feel around, it was a magical feeling being in front of these giants. We were in AWE the entire walk around.


Some how Ryan’s tall ass fit threw here too… he’s a whole foot taller than me!! Look I fit directly under him tooo 🙂


This tree was 30 feet around!


Hehe, Ryan & I dancing in the redwood forest together 🙂


From there, on the way to the next destination, we were able to make a quick $8 pit stop to see (and drive thru) “Drive Thru Tree”!


From there, we traveled more south and were able to take a hike in the National Forest at mile marker 131 (oh my angel #) which was waaaayyy more intimate vibe walking with these wise old trees around. There was no one on the trail except us & we were able to touch and hug HUGE trees.


It was about an hour hike there and back and Ryan & I could feel the energy around this forest. We thanked the forest as we ended with the sun shinning threw the trees looking like glitter on the glistening moss.

We said our goodbyes, as a little leaf fell from a redwood saying your welcome back to us.


It was an experience I will hold close to my heart.

The next place we found was a drive away but we were STILL around these giants. The campsites we were finding in the redwoods — just winging it — were incredible. If Ryan & I didn’t believe in magic (which we do ha) well this trip in this forest would make you believe!! We were brushing our teeth around this sacred feeling land, having trees look down upon us. You just have to go to experience it to even know what I am talking about.



After the Redwoods we had a long driving day of 6 hours to Yosemite & man this tested our relationship a bit. From being in a car with someone for that long and then having little luck finding a campsite with the night getting later & later .. we ended up outside the park exactly where we were meant to be.


We were tired, antsy, a little fearful, but it worked out and we stayed at spot #2 — partnership!! You learn a lot about a person being in the car for that long — like their driving habits & who’s are right and who’s are wrong HAA 😛



We woke up relatively early looking to hike the Sentinel Dome which was a 2 mile hike where you could see El Capitan & Half Dome from the top. It had great reviews and wasn’t too strenuous. Welllllll….. as roadtrips go, that hike was a bit south and we wanted to see what Yosemite Valley was all about it  so we changed our plans for the day & I am soo happy we did!



We stopped right were Bridalviel Falls were and then BAM the El Capitan was right there as well for a perfect picture. We did the .4 mile hike to the falls and it was just rushing enough for us to see it fall.


Ryan was taking black and white pictures like Ansel Adams who lived in the valley for many years and was a photographer there.


There is Ansel today!

Heading back to our car, we stopped to feel the vitalizing water that was coming off of the waterfall. It charged us up ready for the next stop!!

We kept driving and everything was enormous and beautiful with the fall feel around. It was great to experience these rock formations.


Parked and looking for a bathroom, unknowingly, stumbled across the Ansel Adams SHOP! Oh the synchronicities… we were both astonished as we were just talking about him at the falls. Ryan bought me this BEAUTIFUL necklace made from butterfly wings, I couldn’t be more grateful!! Then the cashier told us to come back to Yosemite in May for the Monarchs hatching in the meadows.


We WILL be back to witness that, wow I can’t even fathom!!


As we went to the visitor center to ask about camping, we didn’t want to drive THAT far as it was getting late in the afternoon. We were talking to the ranger about the campsites & the one we wanted was the southern camp spot just before exiting the park. Wellll of course…. our magical abilities in these high vibe areas, as we are talking to her, she says “spots just opened up down there, I would head there now to get it.”

We manifested that. WE are magic.

So we got there early & got spot #69 which to make 100 you need #31 soo I liked that!! We were sooo grateful for that working out for us! Our trip couldn’t of been going any better — especially for winging it. We made a fire, had a nice dinner, looked at some starts & the next day before we headed to Sequoia National Forest we did the Sentinel Dome hike to see the Half Dome and El Capitan one last time. It was a great view but the rain pushed us out before we could full enjoy it.


Sun so brigghhhtttttt!!

The next part of our journey gets a little intense as we started our drive to Sequoia & the road had ice/snow on it….. Something we were not expecting.


Driving using our map, there was a campground Ryan wanted to go to that I thought was gonna be super cold & covered in snow but he was driving and I was up for the adventure…. DOWN POURING at this moment, we stopped at this lodge with cabins seeing the first campsite closed for winter. We walked into the lodge & asked if they were full — as we would splurged for this moment. Apparently, the computers were down & she couldn’t take any new people at that time….


Welp, we used the restrooms real quick, I gave myself a pep talk “here go, cooking in the cold rain, setting everything up in the rain, this is what it is, we can do this, lets do this!!” and jumped back in the car.


So we did it. It was a bit unbearable but we were lucky to have my tent on the roof & could us it as shelter to cook under. We had an incredible chicken stir fry with rice and veggies that we ate in the tent. I was so so happy to have Ryan by my side for this part of the journey cause it was cold, wet & dark!!

We snuggled up in the tent for a cold night & woke up to no rain & the sun peaking out of the clouds!! We let our clothes dry as we cooked breakfast & headed to the oldest living tree in the WORLD — General Sherman Sequoia.


It was still cold that day, about 40s but we hiked down with the camelback, GoPro and my art supplies to see this magical old tree. They said it was 40 feet around and about 300 feet tall & about 30 other enormous trees around him. I stopped to draw this iconic tree that had burned scars around the bottom. People preserved this place with 1881 and I am so thankful they did!!


Seeing the trees, the burnt sienna color, with big roots and energy radiating off of them. You couldn’t help but just be still to take it in. Ryan and I thought the intimate hike we had in the Redwoods were just as big as the ones here in the Sequoias, regardless, being in their presents was an honor, it was up lifting.


Having our adventure here end with PB&Js on the side of the road with the Sequoias, we headed to see my friend Lexi in LA!!!

For a short, brief, hello, I was soooo excited to see her and her space she has created in Hermosa. We had pizza and salad and a warm shower (which at this point hadn’t had one since the KOA in the Redwoods HA). Her hospitality was fabulous & we headed to the last leg of our adventure the next morning.

The forest gave us a lot of vibes that we will take back with us, gave us great stories and memories to carry with us. The things we learned about each other, the things we learned about these places, it all came full circle for us. I am so thankful to have Ryan in my life and was able to see these magical places with my magical being!! ❤



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