3 Days; 3 Parks


This trip has been more than incredible, its been rainbow sparkly joy!! In three days, I’ve been able to see The Grand Tetons, Yellowstone National Park & Craters of the Moon N. P.! Every new place has been breath taking & I hope those experiences don’t stop here.

I showed up at The Grand Tetons a bit late to get the last camping spot at Signal Mountain Campground — #55!! ( 5 = freedom, free spirit, individual & 5 + 5 = 10 = 1 = new beginnings, leader) It has to of been the best campground around the Tetons; I was right on Jackson Lake with a great view of these jurassic, gigantic rocks!!


I ate breakfast in front of them and sketched a little. I didn’t get to spend too much time in this area but I will be back. I was trying to imagine them covered in white snow, standing there but, I’ll have to see the real thing soon!

I traveled up, my 2nd day to Yellowstone National Park and it was a great drive, no service & winding in & out of the trees. I bought an annual parks pass for the year that will & has already come in hand for this journey. I had a little bit of a late start driving in this park cause I was eating an egg sandwich watching the Tetons in the AM … BUT I was able to hit a lot of the big famous spots!!


Started first with Old Faithful which then had a big loop to walk around to see these other crazy sulfur pool formations. The colors, the crystal clear “water,” although toxic it was quite magical!! I stopped here a few times to sketch and to stand in awe of the colors and the mesmerizing bubble sound.




Since I got the late start, it really wasn’t a terrible thing. Each spot you had to drive threw and then could walk for about 10-30 mins around at each location … but don’t get me wrong, the park is HUGE! I barely dabbled in it. The sulfur killed my eyes but the colors just kept drawing my closer. You could get lost in the abyss of steamed sulfur blowing onto the path way.


I did check out this one little pull off called: Artist Painter’s Pots & of course with my reading ability // dyslexia I believe I have .. I thought it said: Artist Painter Spots. So I grabbed my paints and pastels and headed on this 1 mile hike. After reading the signs more clearly as I hiked around, I learned that it looks like artist painter pots because the sulfur makes different colors and in one area looking like a palette of colors!



I was just taking in the colorful, gassly colors Mother Gia was creating beneath me.

Along this hike as well, there was these mud puddles that were thick almost like watery clay — the steam would burst through the surface & it would push some mud up making a “plop” sound every time. I stood there for about 5-7 mins taking it in, again, being mesmerized by nature’s creation.



Driving around for about 6 hours, it was time to called it a day & to have confidence I will be back to check it alllll out next time!!! I headed toward Idaho and stayed about a hour west of Yellowstone closer to the next destination. I was there earlier then the night before, being able to make some burritos & set my tent up before dark. ((BTW this Rooftop Tent is super easy and super comfy to have, I love it!!))

Trying to wake up early each day has been a struggle, the nights have been about 30 degrees and the mornings the same. I couldn’t get out of my tent before 8am the past two mornings because the sun was just waking up as well. I headed on the road once more to Boise, ID with a pit stop to one more park.


It was a perfect place to stop as well cause it was the half way point to my journey for the day. I jumped in a rocket and transported to Craters of the Moon National Park which was dark, lava energy surrounding for MILES.

This park as another one where you could drive around, see most of what it is about but then had hikes in different areas of the loop to see other extraterrestrial forms. There was iridescent blue, oil like colors rocks everywhere!! The lava looked like it froze in time, seeing the movement of where it piled up or where it flowed like a river.

I was able to walk through Indian Travel which was in a cave of the Earth’s crust. About 30 feet under, these were collapsed tunnels that the lava had formed. The orange and yellows, the rainbows, the texture looking like designed cup cake frosting, it was a different spin on any cave I’ve been too. Again, so much to see, I only hiked around a little bit of it.

There were camp spots there & I would love to be there in the moonlight and to see the sky melt into the horizon with black everywhere. Another MUST go back to in my lifetime.

Making it to Boise, I camped kind of in the city, still hearing the cars on the highway drive by. It was comforting yet I almost felt more unsafe there than any other camp spot because of all the energy & different people. The other two nights there was more nature to be afraid of than people. But I made it through & got up and moving BEFORE 8AM,  ((because it was 40s in the AM rather then 30s)).


Time traveling to the west coast time, I ended up in Bend, Oregon for the 4th day. Enjoying the friendly people, the wifi & some yummy raw food — greens which my body has been missing!!


This has been an incredible journey already & I am so thankful I get to be where I am. Getting inspired for my next art show (TBD) and just being confident in who I am where life is taking me. It has already given me awareness & strength, I am excited to see how I end up at the end.

Next stop; Redwoods // Yosemite // Sequoia // Joshua Tree 🙂


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