Season of Shredding

The season of shredding is OVER 😦

But what a great year it has been on the mountain..

well maybe not great snow but definitely great memories with friends.


Since 2016 of October, my good friend Andrew from my home town back in PA moved out here to Breckenridge, Colorado. It has been awesome not only to have a familiar face around here — since we have known each other since middle school & rode the same bus ha! — but also someone to ride with every weekend. Although I give him sh!t cause I moved out here first, I am so happy he’s here!!

My first day of riding was November 25th this year, right during Thanksgiving break. I just graduated in December so I did not make it to the mountains as much as I wanted to until after Ecuador in January.


Luckily, with full time nannying I had the weekends off & so did Andrew — it was the perfect time for us to shred together!!! Another awesome part about having a friend in the mountains is that I can go up the night before, miss (ALMOST) all the traffic and wake up early to get first chair. Makes me want to move there 😛

The thing about this winter in the mountains is that there has been barely any snow. The mountains said that they only got HALF of what they had last year and honestly, it wasn’t even that cold either. Even Fort Collins didn’t really get hit with much snow. But I did score this AMAZING $12.99 onezie from my favorite thrift store that was very, very warm — I didn’t get to wear it expect one time.

It also had an old ski ticket on it from Steamboat in 2000 making it….


I have been snowboarding since I was about 9-years-old & my parents started me skiing at around 4-5-years-old. I am so thankful now living in Colorado that they taught me so young. A lot of people here in CO don’t know how to ride because it is really expensive hobby. My family and I would go on ski trips instead of going to a tropical island and that is why the mountains have called me ever since I graduated high school.


With these mountain towns, in the summer or mud season, people hike up the ski mountains and building these shacks in the trees. This one is called the “Gnarnia Shack”. They are in the trees & people go there to smoke or to take a break from shredding. I always loved stumbling across these when I rode in New England. It was like finding a hidden gem in the snow.


And I LOVE hidden gems of all kinds.

It is always a good time when I see Andrew and his friends. Like I said, I have been shredding for awhile so I don’t know many girls that can ride like me so I hang with the dudes. I am also thankful Andrew snowboards too cause I have girls and friends that ski but it isn’t the same 😛 #shredcity


Although this year did not have a lot of snow, or good snow, we made great memories and had fun shredding. Taking it easy and having a lazy, easy ride day is also fun to do. Just enjoying the views and the sun on your face.


My favorite memory from this day of relaxing at the lodge was when somebody would fall down that hill (up on the left in the picture) people would start to cheer for them. But not like woo good job but like yeah you’re doing great being a Jerry sliding down the hill. It was so goofy & hilarious to witness. Something to add to the relaxing shred day.


So I am 26. I have been riding since 9 and I have had only two board BEFORE THIS BEAUTY ABOVE IN THE MIDDLE!! The last board I got when I was 16-years-old and before that was 12-year-old. Well that is about ten years ago .. and this 2018 finally treated myself to some new technology!! & This board is sick.


It is super flexi and my friend Andrew has taught me little tricks I can show off on the mountain. I am hoping when I move up here to Summit County next season I’ll really use this new board to its potential. Practice riding switch & 180s. Start basic haaaaa.

In the mist of the season, my good friend LEXI, came to visit me. It has been her second time within a year and I love it. I thought I would make it to her first in LA but she made it to me TWICE. But that is cause Colorado is the raddest state there is 😛


Wellll of course we went up to Steamboat, CO for the hot springs and were able to check out this music venue, Schiggity’s, for some funk that weekend. We got an AirB&B and headed there for Saturday night to Sunday. We always have amazing adventures and memories together, love this soul sisstaaaa ❤

If you are ever in Northern Colorado, the place to go in the winter is Strawberry Hot Springs — they are almost the best in the state!! When Lexi and I went, it was peak season (which I didn’t even think about, first week of March), so we had to wait in a line of cars for a minute before parking.


Once we got there it was windy and cold… BUT the best part was it started to SNOW!!!! And it was coming down after about 20 mins being there. I had never been to theses hot springs when it was snowing before. Made the experience that more majestic.


It was a great weekend with Lexi in town.

We had to leave Sunday after the hot springs but it was great to relax and soak after a night getting funky at Schmiggity’s. The first part of the drive was snowy and the clouds were unbelievable!!

With Lex being in LA, I was super stoked that she got to see some snow!! It is always a nice refresh having a friend visit you in your new home. I WELCOME ALL MY FRIENDS!! Come visit the radddddest state 🙂

Being back from Ecuador, getting a new snowboard, this season has been the best. I got to ride with some old friends and check out Winter Park mountains again since I went back in 2016.

It was a Friday of CSU Spring Break — which I only know cause I have friends in school still & my nannying family went away as welllll… So my friend, Makaley and his brother, Grier, went up to ride for the day. I told Mak that is was suppose to snow Friday morning but he didn’t believe it….

A picture of use driving into the fresh storm.


With Colorado being the mile high state/capital/city of Denver, the weather can be changing and different all over it! Fort Collins (Northern Colorado) could be 60 degrees and sunny yet in the mountains it could be snowing with already 2 inches of snow on the ground!!! It’s fun, and always a surprise. That’s why dressing in layers in CO is what to do so you are prepared for any type of weather.


We get on the mountain and the snow was just COMING down. The drive threw the Winter Park pass was a bit sketchy and there were a lot of people with the same idea as us — head to the mountains to shred. It was my FIRST powder day of the season (which happened in mid March) and it was a great day. Only the second time with my new board & it was just so buttery with the fresh snow fall.


As the day went on, the sun came out & the mountain got rode out fast. It is always something different and new when riding. The weather, clouds, the trails, friends, sometimes it is un expected!!

That day was the best because I got my first powder day of the season BUT the next weekend when I went back to Summit County, I rode with Andrew and his friend/roommate Matt & we did a crazy hike! Now I can hang with most of the boys but what these boys made me do was a little extreme…. … ….. ….. .. . but I definitely liked it.IMG_9626.jpg

The crew on top of the hike 

IMG_1465 copy.jpeg

Okay, so this is the picture from the chair lift where we hiked too.. We rode the lift to about half way up and then you had to carry your board and gear to the top. This is what real snowboarding is about – taking the hikes where not many people have gone to get fresh tracks. Well that ridge at the top is what we hiked aaalllllllllllll the way to the right where those rocks/cliffs are… I mean ALLL the way to the right…

IMG_1462 copy.jpeg(look how small the people look haaa!!!)

Then went down Six Sense which was in between those big rocks on the left. You can see the tracks. It was INSANE. I couldn’t believe these two guys took me all the way out there… the line of the day “Let’s not get carried away” … oh but we suuuure did!


Views from the top, before we jumped in


I have to say, although it took us 45 mins to hike to that spot, it was a long worth 20 min ride down from there. I couldn’t complain….. besides my thighs being so sore from shredding AND hiking up a mountain side hahah.


I came up for one more weekend after that intense hike and that was to go to Winter Park one more time with my roommate Hannah and those friends. It was Easter Weekend & I brought Andrew along since he had never boarded there yet. It was a beautiful day but not a lot of snow & the trees weren’t too covered. The sun is just toooo hot here in Colorado sometimes. Overall, I had a great time & experience a new mountain with Andrew is always fun too!!


Painted this from being inspired by the horizon lines


That Easter Sunday (Saturday night) was a full moon. 

And I was telling Andrew about it and how we HAVE TO SEE IT. Well, around 8:31 pm, we went out to get some drinks and there was a halo behind the one mountain side. As we kept driving the biggest full moon was just rising. It was sooOo cool to see it peak out behind the mountains as it was rising into the sky for the night!!

I gotta move here.

It topped off the Easter Weekend, the last weekend of shredding and the first week of April. I get so inspired every time I visit the mountains that moving closer to them I think would transform my art.


…. BUT ….

Of course the mountains get fresh 2 feet of snow the second weekend of April andddd I get convinced to shred ONE MORE SUNDAY of the year. I hadn’t had a REAL powder day where it snows on you all day. Well this was the day & I definitely did not regret it.


When I got there, Breckenridge already had 18 inches, when I woke up there on Sunday, they announced they had about 25 inches. The best two days we had seen this whole season & of course the mountains close in a week or two. Go figure….


It was so worth coming up for one more shred day. The snow was up to me knees, I got stuck about three times & face planted about two cause of how deep the snow was! It was a fun day of falling, trying new things & heading with Shred City. I can’t complain!!


These were the homies the whole season of shredding. I can’t complain where I live or who I am surrounded by. These boys will always have a special shred city place in my heart & I hope to continue to shred with them as the years go on!!! Ride till you die

Everything and everyone is in your life for a reason and as long as you can reflect and move forward, enjoy the ride 🙂


Happy shredding & Happy Spring!


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