Artist Blooming

There is less than TWO WEEKS left of my undergrad & I couldn’t be more sad yet EXCITED!! I have loved having my own studio space on campus that I will deeply miss. It was a great space to get feed back from classmates, get inspired from each other and we could go any hour of the day to work!!

All of my family comes next week which still hasn’t hit me either. I have my Mom, Dad, Babci (Grandma in Polish), my other two Grandparents – Pop Pop & Grandma, Ana (my aunt) and my two cousins – Amanda & Ashley, aaalllll coming from the east coast to celebrate this huge event in my life!!!!

It’s gonna be a party 😉

Anyway, I had a show up in the Mini Gallery last week on campus which was my own gallery space FULL of all my paintings I have completed this last semester & it was so much fun seeing just ME in this big room.

Here are some close ups of about each one too…

After putting these up, I had comments jars and it was so fun to read them, the good & bad ones!! I had things that said… “The next Pollack” … “BIG” … “Tape questionable” … “Love the thick paint”.

It was a fun experience and having it available on campus for my fellow art peers to see and critique helped me a lot. After posting it on social media everywhere as well.. I was surprised to have a friend reach and say…

“Hey – Would you want to set up your big pieces at my friend’s work for First Friday?”


I couldn’t believe it!!!!!! My first First Friday experience EVER and I get to have  my art displayed and for sale?!?!!!????? It was a dream come true!!!!

I went that night and it was sooo much fun! I didn’t sell anything BUT the salon wants them back to hang until they sell which is sooo incredible and I am sooo thankful as well ❤ With graduation around the corner, my art out in the world, I don’t think I could of asked for a better end of the year!!!

Here is me with each piece!!!! If you can’t tell by how smiley I am in these, I am BEAMING with joy!! Check out my artist website too to keep up with my art & to get on the mailing list:




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