So. I am an artist. I have been trying to get my name out there, start a YouTube page, website, Instagram, all the things you need to make money online. Well my good friend Lex came up with this PERFECT hashtag to be able to find my art easily and its soooOOOooooo creative I love it.


Get it? My name is Erika Hicks (EH) and if you want an Erika Hicks original its an:


Anyway, I have been working hard to be making art and to be posting about it on all internet medias. It is actually insane how many different things you have to keep up with. I sometimes spend all day on the computer that I haven’t even had time to get any more actual art done. But it is all progress what ever it is I am doing.

I also have made some stickers I will be posting around FOCO and giving them to friends with my hashtag on them. Not sure how they will look printed so I only bought 50 right now but its really exciting and a start for marketing my art and myself – another thing to keep your eye out for!

SOoo this medium I have been working with is called resin. I kind of talked about in one of my last posts. I started at first using this brand of resin from Michael’s Craft Store because I worked there at the time and got it 50% off. Using it was VERY toxic and smelly. If you don’t use the right precautions it can be dangerous to your health and well being. But doing research on this medium I have found a way better product: Art Resin. It has NO VCOs and I believe it works great for what I am doing with it.

The other thing I have been trying to figure out is how to not be so wasteful with this medium. Resin dries on silicone and then it is easy to peel off and throw away the scraps but it dries and hardens are every other material. I am buying silicone cups, spatula, gloves and seeing if this helps lessen the plastic waste I am producing! I see people using plastic cups, plastic gloves, plastic EVERYTHING and then just throwing it all away. Well, I am slowly trying to figure out the correct process and the right materials so I am not being wasteful because I care about our Earth <3.

If you have any suggestions and know resin, I’d love a tip!

What I love about this medium is the finished shine look you get. Its glossy, clean, and fabulous!! It also is VERY science-y and to be able to figure out what works and doesn’t, I’ve made a chart and taken notes on each of the colors and the different processes I am doing. I loved chemistry in high school and always had a knack for math so this type of art is my purpose I feel. I want to master it. I want to transform it. I want to be innovative. I want to be the first at something new. I want to be known.

And because I want all these things, it fuels me and motivates me to just keep DOING cause that is all we are here to do on Earth… to do our purpose & I truly believe I FINALLY found mine. 

SOooo if I were you, I’d check it all out and add to my news letter to keep updated because things will be just get bigger and BIGGER!!


love & light to all 



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