The Next Journey

 School, Summer, Graduation, FREEEEEE

It’s the beginning of May, the final last snow fall happened this past weekend and I could not be more excited for summer and that Colorado sun. Graduation is so soon for May and two of my homies are walking. My friend Mel will be going to California with her boy friend while Emma is still trying to figure it out – I hope she stays in FOCO.

Back to the apartment life once everyone leaves but it’ll be a short time because in a year from now my goal is to be traveling with my Subaru Outback and a roof top tent from the Southern part of California up the coast. I am thinking about going through Oregon, Washington, Canada, and depending on where I am at summer 2018 in July, will determine if I can make it to Alaska or not. My two high school besties are getting married three weeks apart from each other next summer that I am bridesmaids in. If I can make this work, this is the perfect summer to do it.

I am 25 and I can not believe that the day of graduating college is less than 7 months away!!!!!! I have fought so hard and worked really hard to get to that day and it is so close. I’ve been thinking about the future a lot more and having my friends getting married has got me thinking a lot too. But this past weekend I talked to a friend who made gave me the best pep talk ever to motivate me to be my best and to stick to my goals. So I am excited and hopeful for the future and I am going to be a successful artist.

I want this west coast trip to be my present to myself for completing college and getting a degree in something I feel passionate it about. I have been wanting and looking at tiny houses or at Westifilas on craigslist to envision my end goal. I just bought this Subaru so a roof top tent is a great accessory for a spring/summer trip up the west coast.

So I am asking who ever is reading this if they have ANY suggestions about:

Places to stop at along the coast, restaurants, festivals, wineries, camping spots, National Parks, CAMPING GEAR, or road trip gear – I am going to need a lot of help in that category. This summer is my goal to save up money for all this gear, save up money for the trip,  and to just get stocked and ready.

I have a year to do it so why not start this summer!!!!!!

Screen Shot 2017-04-30 at 11.41.50 PM.png

This is the beginning journey  to my Tiny House and the beginning of my resin inspiration creation online, where ever I am, I am going to do art every damn day and keep practicing resin / art.

7 months till graduation.

11 days till school is out.

28 days till ODESZA at Red Rocks.

As this preparation begins, it is only the start for this traveling artist.


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