My birthday month is already over but with all the wonderful love from friends and family, I have been able to experiment with this art medium called resin. Now you’d think cause I live in Colorado its a different type of resin but you’re wrong. This is a substance, a type of plastic, almost, that hardens completely. This is product is used to seal bar tops or could be used to varnish a finished painting as well.

I have found amazing artists on Instagram & YouTube, and they all have taught and helped me experiment this medium of art / painting. A short outline of the process of resin is to mix the resin & hardener together – directions given – then have 3-5 different colors of paint in cups. Add the resin to each color and mix together. Mixing it correctly before the paint and with the paint in it is the MOST important part. Now, what type of paint has what I have been experiencing with. People use strictly ink or acrylic or mix it up with all types – spray paint, tattoo ink, flow paint, house paint, etc.

I have been experimenting mostly with acrylic, pebeo ink and spray paint. In this type of art you can get a “cell” or “lace” look – this is a goal to achieve for most of the artist I’ve watched. It is my goal to master this and control rather then thinking that it “just happened” this time.

This technique of lacing then directed me to acrylic flow paintings. They are flowy, swirly, lace like, color mixing, beautiful art pieces if you can do it right. Some people use a technique called dirty pour or others drop colors in one another and run a pallet knife through it to achieve lacing. In acrylic flow, they use other mediums to get this “lace effect” different from resin. I am having trouble with getting the effect with the resin therefore, hoping to use the same mediums as the acrylic flow, once mastered, but to then just add resin to it to achieve the finished shine look.

Unfortunately, I haven’t taken many pictures of all the experiments I have done but I am working on it. Since resin is a more expensive medium to buy than the acrylic flow mediums, I have been messing with flow art until I’ve mastered techniques and to have hobby cash to buy resin again. Here are only two of the resin paintings I’ve done:

In person these paintings shine, shimmer and reflect. It is a beautiful medium that some artist, I’ve found, have mastered and make incredible huge pieces of art!! – I will get there!!

NOW at university, I am working with the concept of fracking and  looking at the view of our capitalist society that is obsessed with oil. I have been challenged in class how to represent things such as, objects, emotions, ideas, concepts, symbols with brush strokes. In this next project, we are constructed to make an abstract / non-representational piece and I couldn’t be having more fun or be more challenged.

I think what I love about resin is it has a mind of its own sometimes – I can master as much as I could imagine but in the end, it does its own chemical reaction. So when I stumbled across this in a parking lot, it caught my eye in both directions I have been exploring – medium & concept!! 

Now for university I am trying to grasp this look because although so cool and beautiful to our eyes as it flows from the melted snow in the parking lot, it is actually very bad for our environment and eats away at the pavement. I was able to get used car oil from a local mechanic and have been trying to paint with it – adding spray paint to it, oil paint, drying medium, pastel shavings. These are all experiments below where I am trying to achieve this iridescent feel / look like the oil picture above.

Click on them to make them bigger!

These experiments are achieving the look in my opinion, but can always be pushed more. That gold color that looks beautiful is actually the dirty car oil that I am trying to get to dry on the canvas. I didn’t catch it until I took the pictures and realized that although toxic, its perfect golden iridescent look is what I want!!

The whole piece will soon be up – it is due March 20th! But I am excited on everything art related in my life right now from school to my play outside of school. I have been reading articles about artists and watching this Netflix documentary series called: Abstract: The Art of Design. It is quite interesting and really inspiring seeing all these different types of artist give tips. They all have been saying to just keep making art – good art, bad art, weird art etc.- & to keep practicing like a professional athlete would but HAVE FUN with it!

Creativity happens when you’re relaxed and playing!


ALSO – I just started my own art account on Instagram – GO FOLLOW IT!



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