1 Year Later

Wow. It has been too long.

I have this habit of sticking with one thing for a solid couple months and then I just give up on it. This is a habit not just with blogging but with eating healthy, going to the gym, creating art. But this New Year I am sticking to my goals – working on my art & getting it out there!

I have now lived in Colorado for a year now and a lot has happened. First off, I have been in school for a year & have one more semester after this one, WOO! I can not believe it and the closer I get to graduating, the more I have regretted that I have ever said, “why am I still in college, I can’t wait to graduate.” I hope to one day share all the adventures in more detail but here is a little recap of the year since I last wrote…

First off, I am just going to say that snowboarding on these mountains with fresh powder is incredible. I had my first experience with it during Spring Break 2016 at Winter Park with some friends. It was unbelievable and the best day!!

Although Fort Collins is about 2.5-3 hours from the ski mountains, there is one place that is “right in our backyards” – Horsetooth. This is a foothill about 20 minutes west of FOCO that has a big rock on the top that looks like a horsetooth – hence the name. There is a waterfall & a reservoir which were very convenient in the summer! My friends and I would hike there all the time because how close it is. This city has it all!

The next most epic adventure I had in Colorado was with my mom when she came out to visit in May. We traveled down to Salida & checked out these hot springs called, Valley View. It actually is a land trust which makes the experience that more relaxing. Then we traveled to Mt. Princeton Hot Springs and relaxed in a cabin.

Valley View Hot Springs

Lastly to finish our trip, we came back threw Boulder to check out the city more and have some local food!

After this adventure with my mom, I had the best summer EVER discovering more of Colorado. I started working at the coolest place I have ever worked: The Mishawaka.

Now this venue is a gem in Colorado alone – and yes a gem that sparkles big enough that it is the best venue in the whole state. It is located in the Poudre Canyon west of Fort Collins and has concerts all summer long. I was a “drink girl” – Lawn Worrier – during shows & when I wasn’t workings, I was able to enjoy the show without spending a penny – on a ticket that is. The atmosphere, the people, the scenery, the no service on your cell phone, it was all serene.

You can come here all year around but there are only shows in the summer. I am 110% working there again this summer but hope to move up to server! And of course, I went back to Dover, Delaware for the 3rd year in a row to FIREFLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ugh, this festival is too good to me. Every year Firefly has new memories but with forever friends and I am not sure if it is going to happen this year. I definitely want to mix it up and go to a new festival with the same people but do it before I get too old for the scene.

I was still working at the Mish but I was able to sneak away for one more summer adventure at the end of the July. This was a camping trip with my friends that went to the second coolest place I have been here in Colorado, The Great National Sand Dunes!

We had the coolest campsite looking right out to the dunes with no one in front of us, it was bad ass. I went with the same crew as Spring Break which are my first friends I had here in Colorado, Hannah – my first roommate, Tanner – her boyfriend, Mackaley – Tanner’s roommate, and Tanner’s friend Nikki. It was a BLAST – some crazy, hilarious memories occurred but we got through it together. Not only were we camping in another country – well that is how it felt – we went to a waterfall called Zapata Falls.

This trip will forever be in my memories as one of the best camping trips ever! The people, the laughs, the unpredictability, it was amazing! Then school started, back to reality & why I moved here to Colorado in the first place. The adventures slowed down A LOT – obviously – but the fun didn’t!

The last big adventure I took was in October of 2016, a road trip to Salt Lake City, Utah with some pit stops at Mirror Lake and Strawberry Field Hot Springs. We went up through Wyoming and came back down through the Uinta Mountains in Utah and swung back around up to Steamboat, Colorado for the hot springs.

WE isn’t the same crew I’ve talked about, this was with a boy I met at the Mish – Benjamin. We had so much fun this summer together we both decided to see where it would take us & when it stops being fun and starts being stress, fighting – reevaluating the situation will be a must.. But for now I hope it doesn’t stop being fun!!

Strawberry Hot Springs were just what we needed to end the trip, relaxing natural springs. We stayed at the Nomadic Lodge and had a mini apartment for the night. After the springs we had to drive back to FOCO but while driving through Rabbit Ears Pass, we pulled over and took a two hour nap because we were so chilled out. This was an amazing trip with Ben!

Well, I think this is enough of a recap although it ends in October. This state keeps me busy & so does school.

November was Thanksgiving & my mom came out to celebrate it in FOCO with my new roommate Emma & Benjamin – it was relaxing.

December, school ended which was another year under my belt. I went back to Bucks County for Christmas and two of my best friends got engaged!!!!!!!!!! So exciting!!!

I came back to Colorado before the New Years & celebrated it at the Mish with Ben and all his friends. It was definitely what I needed to bring the new year in – nature, no service, music & good people!!

Now that I have actually written it all out, I had a bad ass summer which I said it was the BEST one yet – I am so thankful for the people I have met and the friends I have shared memories with! I can not wait to see what 2017 holds 😛

Now it’s the end of January, school started back up & it is almost my birthday month. I can’t decide if I am excited or am denying it because I will soon be a half a century old. EEEE..

Until next time, cheers!


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