Less Than A Week



Less than a week away and my mind has been going in every certain direction possible. From paying for school, to is my car going to make the drive, am I going to make friends, from leaving Durham behind and missing my family & newly friends I made, to I am 23 (almost 24) going back for my undergrad will I meet people or am I too old. Like I said, every direction.

But… upon all of this… I COULD NOT BE MORE EXCITED TO MOVE!!!

Some people do not like change but I do. Yeah on the surface it is scary and nerve racking but deep in my heart, it is so thrilling and exhilarating. Not only am I going to Colorado State University, but I will be making my way to Sydney, Australia in May & hopefully take some classes. In my perfect world I would go from Australia straight to Florence, Italy to take a whole semester of painting abroad!! How cool!! People say if you imagine it happening, keep talking about & write about it, you are creating your future & painting it into the universe. So I’ll just keep talking about it!! ; )

But first off, Fort Collins, Colorado.


I went out there December 11-13th 2015 for my orientation. The school is HUGE, way bigger than Coastal Carolina University. I will have some classes with 200 students, unreal! But it is a beautiful campus with the mountains in the background. I went and met my new roommate & the girl I am subleasing from. They were super nice and helped me pick some classes to make my first semester back in two years a little easier. My apartment is so close to campus and everyone rides bikes EVERYWHERE. I luckily, have a bike… Well a beach bike but I am still bringing it out there, even though I am no where near a beach, ha! The girls said it still works just as good. The little town with all the shops, bars & coffee shops is called “old town” and it is the cutest ever!! (I can’t remember if that is the correct name for the downtown or not, oops!) They have lights on every single tree for the holidays and I was just in awe seeing them all twinkle with snow laying on the branches. It was beautiful. I can not wait to explore it more once I move out there.




This adventure to a new state is exactly what I need right now. I have been in Durham, NC for about a year and a half at a stand still with school and life (almost). I met some great people, especially one person who will forever have a special place in my heart. They showed me how I need to be treated from every angle; to how I treat myself to how others should treat me. I am thankful for meeting him and for what he has taught me with his love. I only wish the best & that he succeeds in every way. I also can not forget my dearest friend Hillary who moved here last January from Coastal Carolina. She has been the girl who has explored Raleigh, Chapel Hill & Durham. Going to trivia nights during the week, to getting drunk during the week and meeting random people. Hillary will truly be missed once I leave NC. But people come into your life for a reason. It is good to realize it but move on when it is time too. If it meant to be, it will be. (As “they” say.) But it is time to move on to the next chapter in my young life and it couldn’t feel more refreshing.

I will miss my family SO MUCH!! Seeing my little cousins grow up so fast and be a part of their life has been an incredible opportunity. They all are so smart, sweet, polite, funny, delightful souls, it’ll be hard not seeing them everyday. Heck, they make me laugh all time!! My loving Aunt and Uncle will be truly missed as well. I couldn’t be more thankful for them opening their home to me. None of them want me to leave. I think I heard my one cousins tell me not leave about 5 times yesterday, ha. But as I have said, it is time for the next step into Erika Hicks’ journey!!


What I am looking forward to do in Colorado the most is….

hiking in the mountains  – snowboard every where  – visit hot springs – meet new people – drink lots of craft beer – be outdoors all the time – see lots of snow – go camping (if someone takes me ha)

I am sure there will be more things to add to the list but for now I can’t even think of anymore since I don’t even live there yet. Here are some pictures from my visit back in the beginning of December. They aren’t THAT great because I was only there for 2-3 days but check them out!!










All photos taken by iPhone 6 .. but lots more to come!!


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