Miami; [mahi-yaaaah-mee]

21st birthdays

This was a trip for the books!  My cousins 21st birthday which was on Friday the 13th & the only thing that went wrong was I left my purse at the club that night. Luckily, Club Story had and it was not stolen. But man oh man, 21st birthdays are the last birthdays that really count. All the rest are not as important so to be in Miami for my cousins was fabulous, outrageous, amazing and of course so fun!

I could not be more thankful for my family and this trip that was all planned. Miami is a crazy, fun, expensive place. It was nice living the life of the rich and famous for the weekend. Staying at the Viceroy, getting bottle service, bottles everywhere, fancy clothes, heels, fake eye lashes, the guys looking handsome dressed to the T, we were a hot bunch having the greatest time. 




That is the birthday girl in the picture above having the time of her life, cheers to her 21 years of being alive! Everywhere we went she was the center of attention; getting free drinks, desserts and people singing to her.

Anyways, this whole trip made me realize money is a luxury. Seeing all the fancy cars, nice clothes, how expensive the drinks were, the hotels, the cover charges. It defiantly is a trip you need to save up for and make sure you have even more than you think. I was grateful to have a family help me out when I traveled there.

Unfortunately, I did not see the beach once I was there besides walking on South Beach strip and seeing the ocean from there. It also rained that weekend which sucked but it didn’t stop us from having fun.

One of my favorite places we went too, besides Club Story, was Mangos. It is this Spanish bar with margaritas, mojitos of all kinds, live music and dancers with scandalous clothing. We had a BALL there when it was raining during the day Saturday. Before Mangos we went out to brunch for mimosas and bloody marys. Saturday was the best day!





I still can not stop replaying this trip in my head. We were having so much fun that there aren’t a lot of pictures from the whole trip, which is a bummer but that also means you are living in the moment, taking it all in while you are there. I had a blast!



All photos taken with iPhone 6


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