Ayr Mount; A Beautiful Hike Through Fall


Fall is my favorite season. 


Fall is a great season to remind us that life is changing all the time & all around us. The beautiful colors changing that then slowly fall to the ground and turn into the brown dirt surrounding us. It is good to have change in your life, to mix it up, start something new! Walking in nature clears your head which everyone needs sometimes.

I walked here with someone I care about and connect with in many ways. It was nice because we  both would just sit or lay in the complete nature silence, not saying a word. Hearing the wind move the leaves on the trees and just watching them fall to the ground. It was a cloudy gray day but the wind felt pleasant.

I kept thinking of change and how I’ll be leaving Durham, NC soon and what I will miss and what I won’t. I have learned a lot living here; being responsible with money, what things matter and don’t & to never give up on something if you truly believe it is meant to be. I never gave up on school, I have not given up on traveling and in 2016 I am doing both!!

This is the end of one thing and the beginning of another, crunch time for saving and staying determined. Hopefully around Christmas I will purchase my Australian ticket and make pit stops in LA & Hawaii to see old friends and new places. Then to have the  final stop in Sydney, Australia where I will meet up with my very old friend from high school. An exchange student from South Africa that I have stayed in touch with since 2009. I’ve seen her two times since she has left the States and now I get to live near her in Australia and to explore!

This world is meant for you to live, to experience things, to feel moments yourself!

That is what I am going to do.








All photos taken by iPhone 6


One thought on “Ayr Mount; A Beautiful Hike Through Fall

  1. lynhicks says:

    Love it! FB, tweeted and google plused it! Love you! Whose the guy???Lyn Hicks Celebrate Your Sparkle!Author of The Lotus Project, The Art of Being A WomanAlluring Well-being and Beauty through Green Livingwww.lynhicks.com215-813-4073   

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