It is funny to me that people not from this area can’t say Durham the right way. I tell people from my home town or friends at college that I’m loving Durham and they say it all different ways…

Dur-ham (Like it is two words OR Dur-hem


My Pumpkin Heads


I’ve been here about six months and I have barely adventured into the cities. The couple places I have been have had great food and craft beer. Those two components are HUGE in the Raleigh/Durham area & I can’t complain!

I have three jobs currently so making time to do fun things in the cities on the weekends gets a little tricky. I am a nanny for my three fabulous cousins (the pumpkin heads up above), a mentor/coach for 3-5 year olds at Dream Sports Center & a server at the well known P.F. Changs. So my weekends are involved with serving Chinese food and wine. I can’t complain too much though considering I am making a decent amount of money right now. I just need a bit more fun in my life!!

I am feeling more and more anxious about traveling. I find myself googling the different possibilities to go abroad AND/OR trying to find a traveling job. Instagram is a huge resource for me. I love that social media, it is my favorite by far! People get so creative and the places I get to see are unbelievable. It inspires me because there are so many people traveling and posting their adventures on Instagram that I want to do it too! I write comments on the pages I find cause I am curious to how people see the country/world and still make a living.

I’ve thought about message therapy, this way hotels or spas abroad I could work at. I’ve also thought of a flight attendant which could be very beneficial. I also have thought just to get up and go somewhere & figure it out from there. Early twenties and all over the place, how original right?

I haven’t finished school due to some events and decisions in my life. I want to go back and finish but at the same time I want to see if I can do it without a degree and prove people wrong, ha. I just got to find something I love and want to do which is another hard part… Well… I want to travel… Now I just need to figure out the money part, ha!


I hope to adventure more soon into the cities and meet some locals to show me the under cover places. Hopefully with in the next couple months I am abroad or in another state adventuring off!!


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