Open Doors


 I read this quote on intagram the other day and it hit me pretty where I am in my life right now.

Everyone says something along this line… “When you close a door a new one will open.” Well, what if you don’t want to close that door or if that door is so hard to close you want it to be cracked a little bit or maybe you’re just afraid to close it. I honestly have felt all these things in the past couple months.

I have closed one door and opened another yet that closed door isn’t 100% closed yet. I am having difficulty letting it go because of the friends, memories and the familiarness. Which really gets you down when you are always thinking about it. I would say I am a very positive person, I try to see the good in everything, but sometimes those people need support from others and to keep their minds thinking positive. The part I love most about this quote is ” but simply because they no longer lead somewhere.” That is what I need to realize and accept. The old door will no longer lead anywhere for me. And that may take awhile to realize. Because I know I will look back and laugh about how this was such a struggle for me yet took me in a better direction.

Being in new place can be a challenge but a good one. I am facing that challenge. I am an only child and like to be left alone sometimes but when you’re in a new city, being alone is a lot different. I know it is only the beginning of this chapter but the beginning is sometimes the hardest. You really see your emotions when you are alone all the time. You realize that yes I can do this on my own & it makes you a stronger person. Well I guess three days is a little too soon to expect to be there.

There always a lesson to learn when a door closes and since I have been leaving the old door cracked, I guess I haven’t learned it fully yet. Time is what always helps, when needing to let go or to close that door. I guess we’ll wait and see!


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