The Lost Path

Life throws you many curve balls so you can grow and learn from it. Well when you have come to the point where you have accepted the curve balls but now its the question “Where do I go now?” It isn’t always a bad thing to be lost either, just make sure you make time to reflect and think of the infinite possibilities you do have. It definitely has got me thinking about a lot.

The other thing you need to realize is that some people aren’t meant to be in your life long, even if you heart wants them to be. They are there for maybe just short amount of time to learn a few lessons then you part ways. It is a challenge I am going through currently and a hard lesson to understand or even accept. Some things I do wish I could take back but at the same time those are still great memories to cherish.

It’s funny how we tell little kids to “use your words” when they are sad, angry, frustrated or annoyed yet most adults can’t even do that. That was something a special someone taught me. Always say how you feel, even if it isn’t what the other person wants to hear. It is how you communicate which is the number one issue in relationships; communication. “Use your words” is a lesson everybody need to use and hear again. I am thankful for this special someone to show me how I should be treated, showed me that their are men out there that think communication is a priority, showed me that people can love me for who I am although weird at times. I do thank that special someone for that but right now, at this very moment, I couldn’t be more disappointed in them.

Who ever would of thought that this special someone taught me such great knowledge doesn’t even take their own advice. As much as I don’t want to believe that all this was just one big lie and they just led me on, I am not quite sure what to think anymore. I haven’t communicated with this someone in a couple days now which is disappointing. Showing their selfish true colors I assume. Maybe it is time for us to split paths, just more of a heads up would of been appreciated. Again something hard to accept cause my heart doesn’t want our paths to be split yet. This song lets these feelings escape me while I listen to the song. Music is alway therapeutic.

Although that is one bump in my path currently, at least I have a plan for after summer. I am just a traveling gypsy that doesn’t stay around along and I am onto the next place. After Durham, NC who knows where is next, I am thinking Bali, Costa Rica, Hawaii. Like I said so many different paths, so many different people that will come and go, but it is all there for a reason. Just make sure you are aware and recognize it so you get the full understanding. No on is ever lost completely, although at times it seems lonely. Just keep searching!


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