Eyes on me as I strut around these acres.

Feathers fanned out, shimmering like silk.

I am so beautiful with layers of feathers,

Luscious green, scale like blue, passionate purple.

Eyes on me as I hypnotized with my magnificence,

Draw you towards the sea like colors glistening in the sun.

Looking soft as a pillow but fearful with our caw,

Watch for our 6 feet tall feathers as we prowl forward.

Eyes on me as I tease you and lure you in.

Hundreds of eyes staring back, did you notice?

Bathe in my beauty but fear my presence,

Don’t be fooled, I am a protector for my peahen.

Eyes on me as I lower my train of a tail,

Feeling safe with my surroundings.

Prancing back to my peahen with safety

Although we are always protected in this zoo.

Where I’m From

I am from the back roads and the potholes,

The smell of manure and chirps of roosters.

I am from Mill Road where its name is perfect,

Not a neighbor hood or a complex but a farmhouse.

I am from the long afternoons of mowing the lawn,

To the bon fires with friends on the weekends.

I am from 23 acres with a two-story house and barn,

A pond, creek, rope and tire swing, it is a funhouse.

I am from an only child household loved by ma and pa

With a red nose pit bull pup Adison ready to jump.

I am from seven best friends who still are so close,

Gathering over breaks like nothing has changed.

I am from a small town that isn’t so small,

With acres and farms spreading over the district.

I am from where you run into everyone at The Perk,

Where cheese steak nights are Tuesdays and the place to be.

I am from a childhood that has inspired me to adventure,

Adventure out of PA to South Carolina and more.


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