Blessing in the Bad

Life isn’t always easy. Grief, sadness, death, anger, anything negative is always so hard to swallow. But once you take that in it is even harder to see the good in the situation. How can one see death or disappointment as a positive. It is a challenge in life that is hard to learn but once embraced, life can only be positive and beautiful.

I am currently facing this challenge in my life. How can bad things be seen as positive? It is almost like I am having deja vu with the situation I am in. Out of school once again, lost to what the next move is, not sure how it is a positive thing. Who knows if I’ll go back, explosion is a pretty big thing to have on your transcript.

The only thing I can keep thinking is to travel. Oh how this opportunity has given me the chance to do that sooner than planned. Yoga retreats in Costa Rica, working and living at a school in Hawaii, saving up for a Euro Rail pass. These possibilities are endless. Which is great but I have people at school that I love and don’t want to leave in July. I didn’t want to leave last time but was forced to, at least I have a couple months here.

It’s funny how certain people come into your life to teach you things. Makes me smile when I think of one in particular. He has already taught me a lot and made me look at things differently, always keeps me thinking positive. He supports me more then I could even ask for. He listens to me which us ladies knows it’s hard to find in a man. I just wish I met him sooner. Time is ticking here in South Carolina and which really makes me wonder why now. Why meet this guy that I am falling for now when I have to pick up and leave. It feels too right to just pick up and leave. Time will tell I guess, it always does & love is strong so the future will play out how it will. Got to have a great time with him while I can.

The other person I’m really going to miss being in my life everyday is my sidekick, my best girl friend. We have had the best memories together and we were going to graduate together in May 2015 like the goof balls we are. But now I have a different path of who knows what. I hate thinking that I am leaving my best friend here at this school but I know she’ll always be there no matter what. We’ll have travel adventures together I know that, yoga retreat for sure when she’s done school.

I couldn’t be happier with the people in my life right now and how much they all support me, friends, family. I guess it’s time to go make new friends, new connections, new places. This place isn’t right for me to be able to grow. I was suppose to learn that once before which now I am really forced to learn, to accept, to embrace and I am going to finally learn whatever that is. I met the right people here but just cause I am leaving doesn’t mean that they will be leaving out of my life. They will always be with me.

This quote from Buddha has really hit perfectly to my life and am learning to finding the blessing in the bad. It will appear but I must reflect and sit in the outdoors and ask what’s next. If you ask for help or insight you will receive it just have to be aware. Something I haven’t been focusing on in this environment. Ha already seeing one positive in my situation.

Just remember to notice the little things and appreciate everything in life because you never know when it will all just go away. Appreciate that you are in school still, that you are still breathing and healthy, appreciate that you have a roof over your head and people around you to make you stronger and support you to grow. I am appreciating the little things right now cause that’s all I can do right now and that is okay.

I’ll find my way, I always do.


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