Not Feelin’ Twenty Two

This week is my birthday and unfortunately the birthdays from here on out aren’t as fun.

I am turning 22 on Wednesday and I am not quite sure how I feel about it. The whole year of 2013 I told everyone I want to be 21 forever, not any older or younger. My 21st birthday has definitely been my favorite. Not only because I became legal but my friends threw me a surprise pre-game before going to the bar. A bunch of my girlfriends and I went out to dinner that night at a hibachi restaurant. We were going to head back to my friend Jodi’s house before the bar. Half of them met us there later because I wanted to go to Broadway with some of the girls that were already 21 to get my first 190 Octane at Fat Tuesday. Driving to Jodi’s after experiencing my first 190 Octane I had no idea what I was about to experience. I walked into a house filled with 20+ friends yelling surprise and shooting confetti in my face. It was my first surprise party ever and gosh was it the best. I literally just stood there and took in all the energy and faces I saw that were their to celebrate. I actually almost started crying I was so happy. If you haven’t had a surprise party that was for you, I highly recommend it. It is the best feeling. Seeing all the people that came for you, to celebrate you and your exsistence. I really felt loved that night. Therefore, having such a fabulous 21st, I don’t think my 22nd will be able to compare but then again maybe it’s not suppose to either.

I was able to connect with my ma this weekend which was pleasant. I saw her in February last year for my birthday and I hope to continue this tradition. My celebrations for my birthday have started a little early with this past weekend and I definitely don’t hate it. I am stumped what day to go out on though because it does lie on a Wednesday. Tuesday night at midnight or to just go out Thursday cause everyone does that. Who knows. I am not as worried about it as I was for my 21st thats for sure.

It’s funny how the years go on and your birthday isn’t as big of a deal or special as they are when you were younger or turning one of those special ages…16, 18, 21 40, 50. But with age there is wisdom and experience. Now I am not saying I don’t want to grow up and get married, have kids, a good job, etc… I just like living in the moment. I want all those things as well and will eventually get there. Just 21 is a great year and now it is time to make my 22nd year even better. Maybe not in the sense of being legal and drinking more but better as in more responsibility with money, building Keepin It Cooler, even traveling on my own more.

I’ll figure it out, I always do. I definitely think this year will still be a good one although I am not keen to turning 22.

I’ll make the best of it and still celebrate how special I am.


21st birthday walking into my surprise pre-game, great moment captured.

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