I don’t know if it is because I have had a lot of free time lately but I have been thinking, more today than ever. I want to go places. Go to different states, different countries, a hike through the woods, on a boat to a little island, just places that are new, different, never seen in months.

I see people in even other states around this country and I want to be there. I want to have those experiences. I hear people from high school studying abroad for a whole semester. I want to be there. It’s crazy how passionate I am actually feeling about it lately. I want to go to Europe, Costa Rica, India, Asia, Australia, you name it. I want to be there. I want to go experience the life of music festivals… Ultra in Miami, Tomorrowland in Belgium, Coachella in California, I want to feel the vibration and the uplifting of this music, of the peoples smiles around me. It is nothing but greatest. I just want to live life to the fullest, there are so many opportunities, some many things to do, I just want to live.

I haven’t been sleeping these past two nights and currently my anxiety is through the roof just wanting to go somewhere new. I’ve been in my room since 7:30PM searching study abroad programs, different opportunities to go somewhere, anywhere. I really should paint something or go to the beach to clear myself but it’s freezing out & getting late.

The only thing I can think to achieve all this traveling is to stay motivated with Keepin It Cooler. Make it where I want it because all these fun traveling things takes time and sadly money. If I had the money I definitely think I’d be gone, not in this country anymore discovering every crack on this Earth. But unfortunately school is first. So I am just gonna breath, focus on school until I get to go where ever I want to be at. It sucks but it’s life. Hopefully this year I can check a couple things off of my crazy list.

Maybe I’ll make a vision board, then it’ll definitely happen.
That’s all you need… a vision & to believe!


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